Welcome to LES JARDINS D'ÉTRETAT — museum of Modern Art
in the open air in Normandy.
The museum is a place where there is a unique collection of art objects. Each garden can get its own mood, character and bright personality because of the unusual combination of cut plants and modern sculptures.
Etretat Gardens are futuristic living sculptures whose streamlined shapes are borrowed from nature.
According to the idea of the project, one section shows the beauty of the entire Etretat coast. It is a mysterious underwater world, where you can see stone arches jutting out of water, the famous alabaster shore.
The gardens contain over 150,000 plants.
Here you can find plants of different shapes: «channel waves», «sea spirals and swirls», «oyster farms», «rocks and arches» of alabaster shores and many others.
The famous actress La Belle Époque, Madame Tebo was inspired by one of the founding fathers of Impressionism, gardening artist Claude Monetto, so that she decided to create a garden by planting the first tree in 1903.
A local gardener named Auguste Lecanu helped Madame Tebo to create her dream garden. However, it is Monet who created the garden's environmental qualities, which have been carefully preserved to the present day.
Landscape architect Alexander Grivko was inspired by the history of Madame Tebo’s garden. In 2015, the garden was rethought.
The author of the project connected the historical artistic elements of the old garden with modern architectural ideas, as the result, he created a neofuturistic vision
of the gardens.
The garden stretches on the rocks of the alabaster coast (Cote d'Albart),
a natural miracle of Normandy. Inside the garden there is a hidden old Roxelan villa, named after Madame Tebo’s favorite historical figure.
The main terrace Les Jardins d'Étretat is located on the famous cliff d'Amont. Claude Monet spent long hours in this unique place, working on his canvases -series of paintings and sketches based on «Les Falaises d'Étretat».
Моне. Etretat the Aval Door Fishing Boats Leaving the Harbour. 1885
Roxelan villa
Jardin Avatar is located at the entrance of Les Jardins d'Étretat. «Avatar» in Sanskrit is the term for the deity descending to the Earth , he is a keeper of the universe. Jardin Avatar is a portal that leads beyond reality into magical surrealism.
Greyworld, a British company, that creates interactive art in public spaces. «Rainforest» is the first chapter of the unfinished fairy tale.
Here even trees can play their music. The sheared plants of unusual forms of this garden invited people to see the fairy tale, where everyone chooses their special way to get acquainted with Avatar.
An unusual music box was made by London artists. It looks like a key in a tree trunk. If you turn the key, the mechanical melody will sound when you walk through the garden.
The sculpture was made of plastic film. This installation of the Petersburg artist ,Alyona Kogan (Alyona Kogan) ,transforms the top of the cliff into the seabed, instantly changing the angle of our view and the scale of the surrounding reality.
Installation of «Industrial forest»
Installation of the «Industrial forest»
A sculpture «Shell»
The image of the sea floor has become the main idea for the creation of the garden. The landscapes of the underwater world and the habitat of oysters we can find while watching the cut plants.
The exposition is supplemented by sculptures of faces-emotions that expresses the whole range of emotions and symbolizes different «moods» of the sea depth and its inhabitants.
The prototype of Jardin Émotions was the first French oyster farm of Queen Marie-Antoinette, that is located at the foot of Les Jardins d'Étretat in the water of the Channel.
The sculptures of Samuel Salcedo are made of a mixture of polyester resin and aluminum powder.They represent a wide range of senses.
They have an amazing feature: the emotions on faces change when you look at them from different angles.
The artist caught and captured reflection of the most unpredictable and unexpected emotions: anticipation of a kiss or discontent that can be guessed in inflated lips, fatigue or satisfaction, pain or pleasure.
Jardin d'Aval is a meeting and recreation place for garden visitors. It was created in the spirit of the fairy tale «Alice in Wonderland».
Jardin d'Aval is renowned for its rich collection of orchids that enhance the surrealist effect because of their unusual shades and shapes.
The garden is magically surrounded by bizarre plants, as well as multiple yew arches that repeat the famous rock of Port d'Aval in Etretat.
The environmental project of Victor Jostal (Wiktor Szostalo) and Agnieszka Gradzik (Agnieszka Gradzik) began with a jocular attempt to illustrate One hundred ways to hug a tree and not look stupid . So they used sculptures of dry branches and wood waste.
The artist's "Wicker People» hugged trees in seven countries of the world.
Tree hugging
The project «Hugging Trees» took part in the World Climate Summit of the United Nations and acquired an acute environmental implication: how long the inhabitants of the Earth will have the opportunity to feel unity with nature.
Проект «Обнимая деревья» принял участие во Всемирном климатическом саммите ООН и приобрел острый экологический подтекст: как долго у жителей Земли сохранится возможность почувствовать единение
с природой?

In the garden there is a sound installation as the idea of awakening the good. It helps to discover new ways of understanding the world
through art.
Objects repeat the sound wave that occurs when the word «Art» is pronounced in different languages of the world.
Jardin Zen represents the harmony of the unity of man and nature. Plants here are exclusively with white blooming. A viewer has a feeling of virgin purity in unity with nature.
Installation of the Sergey Catran

The composition of the cut plants in the garden reminds the viewer of the ebb and flow of the Channel, increasing the effect of immersion in the water element.
In this place the famous artist painted «Sunset in Etretat».
Jardin Impressions is the heart of Les Jardins d'Étretat. Here you can see the famous and historical panoramic view of the Channel and the Etretat Rocks, which inspired the great artists of the past: Eugène Delacroix, Eduard Manet, Claude Monet
and Vasily Polenov.
Claude Monet’s wicker figure is the work of Victor Jostal.
Jardin d'Amont rises majestically above the Les Jardins d'Étretat. Plants turn into rocks and merge with the horizon’s coastline. They depict a pattern of cutting off the rocks of the alabaster shores of Normandy, that are striked with its mathematical precision and geometric synchronicity.
The Jardin d'Amont terrace is the highest point of the Les Jardins d'Étretat.It offers a breathtaking view of the Etretat’s gardens and surroundings.
Jardin d'Amont rises majestically above the Les Jardins d'Étretat. Plants turn into rocks and merge with the horizon’s coastline. They depict a pattern of cutting off the rocks of the alabaster shores of Normandy, striking with its mathematical precision and geometric synchronicity.
Jardin La Manche is located in the center of Les Jardins d'Étretat. It is a massive maze of sheared plants that represents the stirring sea. The silver color of the leaves in the compositions reminds the color of the foam from the stormy waves on the rock of Etretat.
The gardens of Etretat will give you an opportunity to be in a different reality, where plants transform into rocks and merge on the horizon with the coastline. The unique collection of modern art that is expertly incorporated into the idea of the Garden, will help you to discover new meanings and ways of perceiving the world.
It is a fantasy world, a wonderland where no one will think it is weird that when you turn the key in the tree, the music will play.
The author of the project
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